How do I delete my information from Acclaim?

In compliance with GDPR regulations implemented on May 25, 2018, users will have the option to delete their Acclaim account and request the deletion of all subsequent badges. Deleting an account will permanently remove that user’s profile and any information they have provided to Acclaim; this action cannot be undone.

To delete your account:

1.    Log into your account on

2.    Click on the profile icon at the top right-hand corner and click “Manage Profile”

3.    Click on “Account Settings” from the left-hand menu

4.    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the hyperlink “Permanently delete my profile from Acclaim”

5.    Confirm you’d like to delete your account by clicking “Delete Profile”

Please note, if you'd like to also have your badge data deleted from the Acclaim system, you will need to contact the organization that issued your badge and request that they delete this information. 

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