How can I access my Acclaim Transcript of all my badges?

The new "Transcript" options is a record of what an earner (You) have accomplished. This transcript of records can represent the recognition of your trainings and competencies.

It contains a complete record of your professional development (represented by digital badges), as well your profile image and personal bio.

You can showcase the variety of achievements you have achieved to help others see what type of professional you are. When applying for a graduate program or a job, you can attached this PDF as a supplement to quickly provide anyone with verifiable evidence that you possess the qualification and credential to succeed.

To access your "Transcript": Sign into your account at

From your Dashboard, you'll see a transcript icon in the list of icons under your name and location. 

Selecting the "Transcript icon" will start the creation process. You'll see a notification on the page letting the know your transcript is being prepared. Once the transcript is ready, it will download to your system as a PDF. 

Please note: If you have any blockers enabled within your browser, this could block the transcript from downloading to your system. 


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