What will my badge look like on LinkedIn?

You have two sharing options for LinkedIn - Newsfeed and Profile.

If you share to your Newsfeed, the badge image will appear and your contacts can comment on the post. The Newsfeed is a fun way to get feedback from your connections on your badge. 

Share to your Profile to make your accomplishment a permanent part of your online resume.  Your achievement will populate within the Certifications section of your profile. As you can see, the badge image doesn't display in the Certifications section of the profile. LinkedIn has decided they would rather show the company logo of your badge issuer.

Note: If you have already manually entered the details of the achievement your badge represents, delete that from your profile before sharing your badge to your profile. Otherwise, you will see two instances of the same achievement on your profile. 

You might be wondering why it's valuable to add your certification through Acclaim if you've already manually typed it into your LinkedIn profile. By sharing your badge to LinkedIn from Acclaim, anyone can click on that company logo or the certification name to learn more about your skills and verify your certification's authenticity. That ability to verify and learn more are key benefits of your badges in Acclaim.  

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