Can I add my badge image to my LinkedIn profile?

When you share to your profile, LinkedIn chooses to display the logo of the badge-issuing organization. 

However, by using LinkedIn's Add Media feature you can add documents, photos, links, videos and presentations to your Summary, Experience and Education sections of the profile.  Use this feature to add your badge image to one of the applicable sections of your LinkedIn profile.

First, access the Share screen for your badge in Acclaim. Click on the URL icon and Copy to Clipboard. 

Then paste the URL as a link to either the Summary, Experience or Education sections of your LinkedIn profile. The badge image will appear.

LinkedIn connections can click on the badge icon to learn more about the details of your badge and leave comments about your achievement. By clicking the View Original button underneath the image description, viewers will be taken back to Acclaim where they can verify the details of your accomplishment. 

We know you'd like to see your badge image populate within the Certifications section of your profile after sharing your badge from Acclaim to LinkedIn. While that's not a capability that LinkedIn supports right now, this is an alternate way to increase your badge visibility on your LinkedIn profile. 

Visual instructions

From the Share Badge page of your Acclaim account, select the URL option. Then click Copy to Clipboard.

Your LinkedIn Profile allows you to add media to several different sections, such as Summary. Click the Link button, then paste in the URL code for your badge. Click Continue.


Viewers can click on the badge to view more details.  


A viewer can click the Read Original button to be taken to your badge details page on Acclaim. There, the full details of your achievement can be verified.


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