How do I add my badge to my LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn now requires individuals to manually add information about their certification in order to share their badge to their profile. In this post, we'll show you how to add your badge details to the new LinkedIn profile. 

To share your badge details to your LinkedIn profile, follow these steps:

1. From the Share Badge page, click the LinkedIn icon. Once you have connected your LinkedIn account, you'll see something similar to the screen below:

2. Check or uncheck the boxes next to "Add to my Profile" and "Share to my newsfeed" as desired

3. If sharing to your profile, a blank LinkedIn form will appear on another tab within your browser once you click the "Share to LinkedIn" button at the bottom of your screen

4. Go back to the Acclaim tab in your browser and click the "Copy" button next to "Certification Name". A green check mark will confirm that the information was copied.

5. Switch back to your LinkedIn tab and paste the information into the "Certification Name" field

6. Continue copying the information on the Acclaim tab and pasting into the LinkedIn form until all relevant information has been added.

7. You'll need to choose the dates based on the information included on the Acclaim share page under "Time Period". 

8. Click Save

Once you've successfully shared your badge, it will appear in the Accomplishments section on your profileAs you can see, the badge image doesn't display in the Accomplishments section of the profile. LinkedIn chooses to show the company logo of your badge issuer instead. V
iewers can click on the "See certification" button to view more details on Acclaim.


NOTE: If you have already added your certification manually to your profile, you can simply edit the certification by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the entry and paste your badge URL in the Certification URL field. 

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