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  1. Can I add multiple emails to my Acclaim account?

  2. Can I attach my badge to my email signature?

  3. Can I automatically accept badges?

  4. Can I export my badge out of Acclaim?

  5. Can I import badges issued through other platforms into Acclaim?

  6. How can I access my Acclaim Transcript of all my badges?

  7. How can I be sure I receive my badge notification email?

  8. How can I manage my sharing applications?

  9. How can I publish to Blockchain?

  10. How can I request a badge?

  11. How do I add my badge to my LinkedIn profile?

  12. How do I add or remove social accounts?

  13. How do I change my password?

  14. How do I create an account?

  15. How do I delete my information from Acclaim?

  16. How do I embed my badge onto my personal website or blog?

  17. How do I manage a badge issued to my organization?

  18. How do I manage and share my Acclaim badge?

  19. How do I manage my privacy?

  20. How do I merge my accounts?

  21. How do I receive a badge?

  22. How do I remove a badge from my profile?

  23. How do I share my badge on WhatsApp?

  24. How do I share my badge to Facebook Messenger?

  25. How do I share my badge to my Facebook organization page?

  26. How do I share my badge to XING?

  27. How do I share my badge?

  28. How is displaying my achievement as a badge useful?

  29. I accidentally created two (or more) accounts. What should I do?

  30. I accidentally rejected my badge. How can I recover it?

  31. I can't find my email from Acclaim in order to accept my badge. What should I do?

  32. I hold additional certifications from an Acclaim badge issuer. How do I get badges for those certifications?

  33. I was supposed to receive a badge notification email, but did not. Where is my email?

  34. What is a badge?

  35. What is Acclaim?

  36. What labor market insights are available with my badge?

  37. What will my badge look like on Facebook?

  38. What will my badge look like on LinkedIn?

  39. What will my badge look like on Twitter?

  40. Why does Acclaim need access to my LinkedIn account?

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